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Reduce Repair Reuse Recycle

At Green PC, we are committed to making electronic waste recycling as convenient as possible. That's why we offer various options to ensure responsible disposal of your electronic waste.

For individuals, we provide free recycling drop-offs at our location. Simply bring your electronic devices to us, and we will handle the rest.

For businesses that meet our per pick-up minimum requirement, as well as educational organizations and non-profits, we offer free pick-up services. We understand the challenges of managing electronic waste in larger quantities, and our team is ready to assist you in removing and recycling your old devices in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.

Data security is a top priority for us. That's why we offer free data destruction services with certificates upon request. We will securely destroy all data from your devices, providing you with peace of mind that your sensitive information is permanently destroyed.

Choose Green PC and help protect the environment.

At Green PC, our primary mission is to maximize the lifespan of computers and electronic devices, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

Through our dedicated Refurbishing department, we meticulously test all non-obsolete computers and devices to determine their reusability. If needed, we perform necessary upgrades and repairs, breathing new life into these devices. This way, we ensure that functional electronics are given a second life and can be utilized by others.

We extend our experience and expertise to the general public through our repair department, providing comprehensive computer repair services. Our aim is to help individuals repair their devices rather than replacing them entirely, saving both money and valuable resources.

For obsolete or non-repairable computers and electronics, we carefully separate and package them for further processing at a Washington E-Cycle preferred facility. These facilities adhere to strict environmental standards and regulations, guaranteeing the responsible handling of electronic waste. They efficiently transform these devices into raw materials, which can be utilized in the production of new electronic devices.

By partnering with reputable processing facilities that conduct regular audits, we ensure that the processing of electronic waste is carried out in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

At Green PC, we are dedicated to promoting a sustainable approach to electronics, extending their lifespan, and minimizing the impact on the environment. Join us in our commitment to responsible electronic device management and help create a greener future.

e-cycle pick up
data destruction

Electronic Recycling

Free recycling for Computers, Monitors, TV's, Printers, Stereo, and many more,...

Click here for complete list of accepted items

E-Cycle Pick up service

Free and paid pick up services are available.

Click here to learn more

Certificate of Data Destruction

Secure data destruction with certificates are available at no cost.

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money recycle

Purchasing options

Newer computers and higher end components are something we are looking to buy. 

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Free electronics recycling

Items accepted for recycling (working & non-working)

  • Computers - desktops, laptops, servers, all-in-one, tablet

  • Computer components - motherboard, RAM, HDD, SSD, power supply, graphics card, network card, sound card

  • Monitors - flat screens, CRT (old tube type)

  • TV's - flat screens, CRT (old tube type), projection big screen

  • Printers - inkjet, laser-jet, wide format, copier, plotter

  • Printer supplies - Ink cartridge, Laser toner, drums, fuser

  • Networking equipment - modem, switch, access points, router, firewall

  • Stereo equipment - receiver, tuner, tape deck, cd player, speaker, turntable, amplifier, equalizer

  • Wires - power wire, video cable, audio cable, ethernet network cable, wire spool, USB cable

  • Mobile devices - cell phone, PDA, navigation device, tablet, iPad

  • Computer accessories - keyboard, mice, webcam, docking station, headset, computer speaker, 

  • Home electronics - video game console, game controller, cable box, streaming device, surveillance DVR, NVR, surveillance camera

  • Metal items - microwave, server rack, TV cart, mobile station rack

Items NOT accepted for recycling

  • Alkaline batteries - all alkaline type batteries

  • Household appliance - washer, dryer, other large appliances

  • Coffee maker

  • Air conditioner - (non-working air conditioner)

  • Refrigerator - refrigerator freezer combo, freezer

  • Vacuums

Free Pick up service

School Districts, Educational institutions, Non-profit organizations, Businesses that meet minimum quantity requirement. (Please have minimum of 3 computers to recycle per pick up)

Paid Pick up service - $65

Residential TV pick up, Business pick-ups that do not meet the minimum quantity requirement, All other E-Waste pick ups that do not meet the minimum 3 computer per pick up requirement

Pick up Scheduling

data security

Data Destruction Certificates

Data destruction certificates are available upon request at no cost. 

At Green PC, we prioritize the secure destruction of data and follow rigorous protocols to ensure compliance with various industry standards.

Our destruction methods align with renowned standards such as NIST SP-800-88 Rev.1, HIPAA, DoD 5220.22-M, and other relevant procedures and protocols. These guidelines guarantee that your data is handled in a secure and confidential manner.

Our physical destruction process involves a two-step approach. First, we utilize degaussing, which effectively erases all data by eliminating the magnetic field of the storage drive. Following degaussing, we physically destroy the drive to ensure complete and irreversible data destruction. This meticulous procedure guarantees that even the tiniest remnants of data are rendered unrecoverable.

For secure data wipes, we employ Active Killdisk's 3-pass overwrite with verification method. This surpasses the standards set by NIST SP-800-88 Rev.1. The process involves overwriting the drive multiple times, thoroughly erasing all existing data. Verification ensures that the overwrite is successful and leaves no trace of the previous information.

At Green PC, data security is of utmost importance. By adhering to these strict protocols and utilizing advanced data destruction techniques, we provide our customers with the peace of mind that their sensitive information is thoroughly eradicated from storage devices.

Choose Green PC for reliable and secure data destruction services that meet and exceed industry standards. Protect your data privacy with our comprehensive approach to data disposal

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