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Recycling Bin

Reduce, Repair, Reuse Recycle.

At Green PC, we are dedicated to facilitating electronic waste recycling with maximum convenience. To this end, we provide a range of options to ensure the responsible disposal of your electronic waste.

For individual customers, we offer complimentary recycling drop-off services at our location. Simply bring your electronic devices to us, and we will manage the recycling process for you.

For businesses that meet our minimum requirement for pick-up, along with educational institutions and non-profit organizations, we extend complimentary pick-up services. Recognizing the challenges associated with managing electronic waste in larger quantities, our team stands ready to assist you in efficiently and eco-consciously removing and recycling your old devices.

Data security ranks among our foremost priorities. Accordingly, we offer complimentary data destruction services upon request, complete with certificates. Rest assured, all data from your devices will be securely destroyed, ensuring the permanent elimination of your sensitive information.

Opt for Green PC and join us in safeguarding the environment.

Items accepted for recycling (working & non-working)

  • Computers - desktops, laptops, servers, all-in-one, tablet

  • Computer components - motherboard, RAM, HDD, SSD, power supply, graphics card, network card, sound card

  • Monitors - flat screens, CRT (old tube type)

  • TV's - flat screens, CRT (old tube type), projection big screen

  • Printers - inkjet, laser-jet, wide format, copier, plotter

  • Printer supplies - Ink cartridge, Laser toner, drums, fuser

  • Networking equipment - modem, switch, access points, router, firewall

  • Stereo equipment - receiver, tuner, tape deck, cd player, speaker, turntable, amplifier, equalizer

  • Wires - power wire, video cable, audio cable, ethernet network cable, wire spool, USB cable

  • Mobile devices - cell phone, PDA, navigation device, tablet, iPad

  • Computer accessories - keyboard, mice, webcam, docking station, headset, computer speaker, 

  • Home electronics - video game console, game controller, cable box, streaming device, surveillance DVR, NVR, surveillance camera

  • Metal items - microwave, server rack, TV cart, mobile station rack

Items NOT accepted for recycling

  • Alkaline batteries - all alkaline type batteries

  • Household appliance - washer, dryer, other large appliances

  • Coffee maker

  • Air conditioner - (non-working air conditioner)

  • Refrigerator - refrigerator freezer combo, freezer

  • Vacuums

Free Pick-Up Service

School Districts, Educational institutions, Non-profit organizations, Businesses that meet minimum quantity requirement.


(Please have minimum of 3 computers to recycle per pick up)

Paid Pick-Up Service - $65

Residential TV pick up, Business pick-ups that do not meet the minimum quantity requirement, All other E-Waste pick ups that do not meet the minimum 3 computer per pick up requirement

data security
Data Destruction Certificates

Data destruction certificates are available upon request at no cost. 


At Green PC, we prioritize the secure destruction of data and follow rigorous protocols to ensure compliance with various industry standards.

Our destruction methods align with renowned standards such as NIST SP-800-88 Rev.1, HIPAA, ADISA and other relevant procedures and protocols. These guidelines guarantee that your data is handled in a secure and confidential manner.

Our physical destruction process involves a two-step approach. First, we utilize degaussing, which effectively erases all data by eliminating the magnetic field of the storage drive. Following degaussing, we physically destroy the drive to ensure complete and irreversible data destruction. This meticulous procedure guarantees that even the tiniest remnants of data are rendered unrecoverable.

For secure data wipes, we employ standards set by NIST SP-800-88 Rev.1. for Purge or Clear depending on the type of storage media and capabilities of the storage device. The process involves the use of the latest ADISA certified sanitization software that will detect the storage device and either proceed with  the Secure Erase command built in to the Drive's firmware to execute a Cryptographic Erasure or Resetting the NAND Cells of Solid State Drives. If the drive is not capable of executing the Secure Erase the drive will be overwritten with verifications to ensure that the overwrite is successful and leaves no trace of the previous information.

Data destruction certificates are also provided for Apple mobile devices, Android mobile devices, and Chromebooks. To ensure the secure erasure of these devices, it's necessary to log out of all user accounts. For further guidance on preparing these devices for recycling, please refer to the "Prep Your Recycle" page.

At Green PC, data security is of utmost importance. By adhering to these strict protocols and utilizing advanced data destruction techniques, we provide our customers with the peace of mind that their sensitive information is thoroughly eradicated from storage devices.

Choose Green PC for reliable and secure data destruction services that meet and exceed industry standards. Protect your data privacy with our comprehensive approach to data disposal.

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