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Prep your Recycle

  • Do you buy computers from the general public?
    Yes, we generally purchase working computers that are newer than 5 years.
  • Do you buy monitors and other peripherals from the general public?
    Unfortunately, we do not. Exceptions may be made for higher refresh rate gaming monitors or gaming peripherals.
  • Is Green PC R2 certified?
    No, we are not. However, we follow all the guidelines of R2V3, but Green PC has not applied for R2 certification due to the cost. We use the same tracking and management systems that R2 has recommended for traceability and can provide certificates of secure data destruction, and certificates of recycling with a client portal that allows our clients to view in real-time the status of their retired assets and view and download certificates related to those assets.
  • How is E-Waste Recycled?
    Green PC is a registered Recycler of E-Cycle Washington. Computers that are too old or not refurbishable, TV's, and monitors will get sent to Metro Metals which is an E-Cycle Washington preferred E-Waste processor.
  • Do you accept broken TV's and other electronics that are not working?
    Yes, we do! We accept all TV's, working or not working, and any other electronics that are on our accepted item list.
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