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Revenue Sharing

Let Green PC be your ITAD Specialist

Once organizations are done with their IT equipment, it's essential not to let it go to waste. Reselling used electronics allows businesses to regain operating capital and decrease the overall cost of device ownership.

However, without internal resources or expertise to handle the resale of computer equipment, businesses might resort to selling to the highest bidder, allowing employees to take it, or handing it off to a "free" recycler. These decisions expose companies to significant risks, including breaking chain-of-custody and data security, improper disposal, and financial losses.

To ensure both data security and compliant disposal while reselling devices, one effective approach is through Revenue Sharing services.

We offer secure logistics in a GPS tracked cargo truck, chain-of-custody reporting and audited data destruction certificates to satisfy any mandated audits.

We will assess each device's value based on age and condition, leveraging our industry knowledge of technology market values. We will ensure that devices are priced appropriately for fair market value. Our network of wholesale buyers and online platforms will ensure final disposition at a smooth and regular pace.


Depending on the quantities and age of the retired devices a service level agreement will be drawn up detailing the share percentage and frequency of payments. Contract terms are for one year and any changes to the terms can be negotiated prior to contract renewal each year.   

At Green PC, we offer an extensive resell program that optimizes returns on end-of-life-assets while maintaining chain-of-custody, data security, and compliance with environmental regulations. We meticulously clean, test, and refurbish equipment to ensure maximum value recovery and data protection. We are dedicated to helping businesses make the most of their IT assets.


Contact us to learn more about our electronic recycling and data destruction services, including our new revenue sharing program.

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