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The safeguard of your data is very important to us. That's why we have multiple options to ensure the safe removal of all your data from any device that has storage capabilities. data destruction is carried out by either secure wipe with verifications or a physical destruction method using degaussing and physical deforming of the drives. Solid State Drives that have the capability to do a secure erase or cryptographic erase will be wiped in that way. mobile devices can also be secure wiped using special software that will allow cryptographic or secure erase of the storage drive. *(in order to secure wipe mobile devices they must be able to power on and register to a computer through the charging port. Apple devices need to be logged out of the apple account in order for the secure erase to work otherwise permissions needed for the software to run cannot be given and complete destruction of data with a certificate cannot be issued. Android devices should also be logged out of any user accounts to ensure the smooth execution of the secure wipe for mobile program. Both the desktop and the mobile secure wipe programs are NIST SP 800-88R1 compliant meeting HIPPA, and many others audit requirements. Verification of compliance is carried out by the program by automatically sending out samples to 3rd party forensic data recovery for ensured reliance on the wiping program as set forth by R2V3.

We also offer secure onsite data erasures as an option. This entails wiping the machines at your location just before they are disconnected. Upon request, we would send an email to the user containing a link to download the erasure software. Once confirmation is received to proceed with the wipe on the next restart, the program will automatically initiate into a pre-boot environment to securely sanitize all storage devices on the computer. A detailed erasure report and a data destruction certificate will be generated and sent out then the computer will shut down ready to be disconnected the next morning.

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