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Welcome to our one-stop shop for all your computer-related needs. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive destination that caters to every aspect of computer related services.

Whether you need electronics recycling, repairs, refurbished computers, custom-built systems, computer parts, or accessories, we have you covered. Our goal is to provide a convenient and hassle-free experience, saving you time and effort by offering a diverse range of services and products under one roof.

With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to handle all your computer-related needs. From troubleshooting and repairs to handling all your E-waste recycling, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Discover our wide selection of refurbished and custom-built gaming computers, backed by a 1-year limited hardware warranty. We understand the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to gaming, which is why we ensure that every refurbished and custom-built computer meets the highest standards.


Going the Extra Mile for Environmental Responsibility

At Green PC, we are committed to taking environmental responsibility seriously. That's why we go above and beyond by offering free computer and electronics recycling services, along with convenient pick-up options.

With us, you can safely dispose of your old electronics, knowing that you are minimizing your carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future.

In addition, we understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information. That's why we provide free data destruction services, accompanied by certificates to guarantee the secure handling of your confidential data.

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Retail Store Hours

Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: Closed

Recycling Drop Off Hours

Mon - Sat: 10am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

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